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Polypropylene short sleeve base layer.


Polypropylene sleeveless base layer.


Cotton logo polo shirt.


Plush cotton logo sweater.

$36.75 $61.25 -40%

Wool beanie with visor.


Eroica cotton cap. Perfect worn alone or under a helmet.


PHOTON bib-shorts. Designed with an aerodynamic cut and made with Thunderbike Power fabric that helps reduce muscle stress due to its light compression and Eschler fabric inserts on the sidebands. With the innovative C3 Chamois.


BETA arm-warmers. Made of the exclusive Windstopper Laminated 178 fabric, will offer you thermal insulation and wind protection.


BETA jacket. Created to ensure perfect thermal balance in different climatic conditions. Extremely versatile, it will offer you  protection from wind and rain thanks to the Windstopper membrane.


OCTA winter jacket. Made from Windstopper Fuga fabric,an elastic,windproof and water-resistant material that provides weares with superb thermal protection.


MAGO bib-shorts. Featuring a new elastic band with a bird's nest patterned silicone gripper, designed to fit your leg and follow your movements, breathable Y shaped mesh braces, and our best-selling NAT chamois with NEXT gel core that provides a cooling effect and boosts circulation.


Aerodynamic, hand-cut single panel, anti-sliding lycra Bib-shorts. Our RACER bib-shorts were born from a fresh concept: minimise the number of panels and seams.


Our BCOOL bib-shorts with MIG3 chamois are the perfect choice for the hottest days. Incredibly light braces and carbon inserts mean you can stay fresh and enjoy your ride.


Most tights simply insulate you from the cold but, thanks to the Heat Generating Technology of the BeHOT fabric, we have created a pair of tights that not only insulate but also generates additional heat – up to 4 degrees C- as your body moves.


MYEGO 2.0 bib-tights. Made of Blizzard thermofleece with warm and elastic inserts in soft thermoregulating Thermodream fabric to ensure maximum protection from the cold. GIT chamois with Twist gel core for anti-shock protection even on long-distance rides.


VEGA bib-tights will ensure protection against rain thanks to the water-resistant Acquazero tratment that repels water,keeping you dry and warm.Maximum comfort and breathability. GIT chamois with Twist gel core to provide  a constant absorption of shocks.


The freedom bib-tighs. Designed to keep you warm during your winter training!Made of soft,warm Blizzard thermofleece and with an anatomical knee cut to ensure excellent freedom of movement,they feature our MAX2 chamois.


JUPITER bib-thights. Made of warm,breathable,wind-proof and water-resistant Windstopper softshell.Back panel and braces i Blizzard thermofleece keep you warm and provide maximum freedoom of movement. With NAT  Chamois.


VEGA jersey. Made of warm Blizzard thermofleece with water-resistant Acquazero treatment.It is increibly warm and confortable and provides maximum protection from the rain at all times.


Extra light and breathable summer gloves.


DRUN jacket. Rain-proof jacket with ergonomic cut more elongated on the back to protect you from mud and rain.


The GR 44 jacket is designed to be worn on very rainy days. Lined and extremely breathable thanks to mesh on the back, it features two large side pockets to take with you everything you need. Waterproof zipped and sealed seams for  maximum protection from the rain.


Extremely lightweight rain-proof jacket, made with two-layer stretch fabric (6000) mm water column. Slim fit design, ideal for cycling un changing weather conditions.

$41.25 $68.75 -40%

ROAR Waterproof gloves.


Bibless version of our GARA bib shorts.Made with compact and breathable Thunderbike fabric,the GARAoffers excellent breathability and light muscle compression. GIT chamois with anti-shock Twist gel core.


SPEEDSHELL speedsuit. Constructed with Lycra Monica,elastic and compact,Speedshell was designed starting from the aero tuck position. With the innovative NAT Chamois.


Short-sleeve base layer made of polypropylene and with camouflage design.


Sleeveless base layer made of polypropylene and with camouflage design.


Short-sleeve base layer made of Resistex Carbon fiber infused fabric. Seamless construction with carbon fiber, anti-allergic, anti-odor and anti-UV properties.


Sleeveless base layer made of Resistex Carbon fiber. Seamless construction with carbon fiber, anti-allergic, anti-odor  and anti-UV ray properties.

$59.25 $98.75 -40%

Long-sleeved base layer made of polypropylene with different thicknesses thanks to body Mapping Technology. Increased protection for belly, neck, and back and enhanced breathability on sides, armpits, and underarms.

$66.00 $110.00 -40%

Long-sleeved base layer made of natural wool (wool 80%, Polyamide 15%, Elastane 5%). Light, warm and hypoallergenic, it keeps you warm and dry.


Swearpants in elastic and light technical fabric with mesh inserts. Santini logo on the front.


The Santini T-shirt is made of soft stretch cotton for a great fit.


Anatomically cut bib-shorts made from elastic and soft Papaya fabric.Santini elastic leg grippers with internal anti-slip silicone grip.MAX2 chamois with multiple-destiny foam core for maximum shock absorption.


GARA 3/4 knickers. Made with a compact and breathable Thunderbike Power fabric, offers excellent breathability and light muscle compression.Featuring GIT chamois with anti-shock Twist gel core.


FORGE MTB shorts. Lightweight and with a streamlined design that gives you enough cargo space for the essentials.


The ORA winter jersey is constructed with soft thermofleece to keep you warm at all times. The ORA features three rear pockets to store what you want finished with a nice italian flag.


Lightweight and breathable windproof jacket. Perfect to have with you all the times,it also protects you from light rain.


Shorts-sleeve jersey neck,FORGE is made of light and breathable Giro fabric and with a comfortable relaxed fit.Perfect for MTB.


Water-proof ZIGRIN pants. Designed to be worn over your clothing to protect you from rain, wind and splashes.


Bibless version of the CORE 2.0 bib-shorts.Made from elastic and soft Papaya fabric.Innovative cut with high waistband to ensure a perfect confortable fit. MAX2 chamois with multiple-destiny foam core from maximum  shock absorpition.


Made from elastic and soft Papaya fabric and with internal anti-slip silicone grip, FORGE under-shorts feature our MAX2 chamois with multiple-destiny foam core for maximum shock absorption.


DIRTSHELL suit is a must have for racing.Constructed from soft and light thermofleece for optimal thermal balance,it is Acquazero treated to protect you from rain and dirt.


The ORA short sleeve jersey has a simple,classy look. Made of Corder polyester,soft and breathable,with full zip for increased ventilation,it has a classic cut for maximum comfort.


The ORA sleeveless jersey has a simple classy look.Made of Corder polyester,soft and breathable,with full zipper for increased ventilation,it has a classic cut for maximum comfort.


Designed and developed using the most advanced technical materials, the UCI RAINBOW road skinsuit is highly breathable and aerodynamic for perfect performance during the race.Incredibly lightweight and breathable, ensures maximum adherence to the body.


SLEEK 2.0 short sleeve jersey. Asecond-skin effect jersey for your fastest performances.The front is made with Artico fabric,lightweight and breathable. Anti-slip bands on cuffs and bottom help keep in place.


This TAU jersey is perfect for your summer training. It's constructed from Enery Microsense fabric,which is 100% polyester,and incorporated elasticated and breathable mesh sides to enhance traspiration and lightness.


Technical undershorts in cotton and elastane. Soft, elastic , and lightweight our undershorts promote perspiration facilitating the evaporation of moisture produced by the body.


Race-fit vest made of windproof and water resistant. Extremely lightweight it can be easily folded inside its own zipped back pocket.


Warm thermofleece tights. With side zippers from ankles up to waist.


Karma jersey. Inspired and designed on the cut and fabrics of the official UCI World Champion jersey. Extremely light and breathable, it guarantees exceptional comfort. BUY TOGETHER WITH KARMA BIB-SHORTS AT THE SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE OF €149 INSTEAD OF €199.


Karma bib-shorts. Made of Lycra Thunderbike that provides a light graduated compression and excellent abrasion resistance. Anatomical cut to always guarantee maximum comfort. BUY TOGETHER WITH KARMA JERSEY AT THE SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE OF €149 INSTEAD OF €199.


GARA 2.0 knickers. Constructed with thermofleece fabric,they feature a soft elastic gripper with silicone dots below the knee,breathable mesh braces for enhaced ventilation,and our GIT chamois with anti-shock Twist gel core for extra comfort in the saddle.

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