$134.25 $179.00 -25%

Challenge the cold with the Polar jacket! Made of Windstopper Fuga fabric, elastic and water and wind resistant, this jacket is perfect for winter rides, even with low temperatures.

$81.75 $109.00 -25%

Race fit jacket made of windproof and water resistant Anemone fabric. Lycra elastic inserts on under-arm and cuffs for enhanced fit. Extremely lightweight, it can be easily folded inside its own zipped back pocket.

$66.75 $111.25 -40%

A compact and light weight cycling jacket for thermal protection on fast descents and in changing weather conditions. Cassiopia Windsopper fabric provides an effective defence against windchill with a small pack size for stowing in a jersey pocket.

$119.25 $159.00 -25%

Made with Warmsant, a windproof fabric comprised of two layers; the outer layer is resistant to rain and wind while the inside layer is warm thermofleece that allows the maintenance of body heat.

$74.06 $98.75 -25%

Long-sleeved base layer made of polypropylene with different thicknesses thanks to body Mapping Technology. Increased protection for belly, neck, and back and enhanced breathability on sides, armpits, and underarms.

$71.25 $118.75 -40%

$57.00 $95.00 -40%

$37.50 $50.00 -25%

Arm warmers. Made with the exclusive Bhot fabric and treated with water-resistant Acquazero by Sitip, they generate heat during movement, keeping you warm and dry in the rain.

$82.50 $110.00 -25%

Long-sleeved base layer made of natural wool (wool 80%, Polyamide 15%, Elastane 5%). Light, warm and hypoallergenic, it keeps you warm and dry.

$36.56 $48.75 -25%

Arm warmers. Made of the exclusive Be-HOT fabric. Extremely elastic and soft on the skin, constructed with a special functional yarn that generates heat by stretch and movement.

$33.75 $45.00 -25%

Arm coolers. Ideal for keeping you comfortable and protecting from harmful UV rays, are made of Lycra Monica fabric and Acquazero treatted for maximum water-resistance.

$45.94 $61.25 -25%

Leg-warmers. Made with the exclusive Bhot fabric and treated with water-resistant Acquazero by Sitip.Buy them together with the EUREKA BIB-SHORTS at a special launch price of €149 instead of €199 for the months of September and October 2016.

$35.00 $50.00 -30%

Warm winter balaclava.

$31.50 $35.00 -10%

Neck warmer of head band, it becomes a winter cap using the drawstring closure.

$26.89 $29.88 -10%

Superoubaix underhelmet with windproof front.

$45.00 $60.00 -25%

Acquazero water-resistant overshoes.

$45.94 $61.25 -25%

Wool beanie with visor.

$18.75 $25.00 -25%

The BLAST noeprene toe covers are greatfort keeping your feet warm. They are eas y to apply and remove.

$31.50 $42.00 -25%

Lightweight mid-season gloves with ribber thermo-regulating fabric.

$40.50 $54.00 -25%

Winter gloves made of bi-elastic Airtech Tunnel fabric.

$89.25 $119.00 -25%

Excellent for mid-season, the Pilot long-sleeve jersey helps maintain constant body temperature thanks to the special Lite Pro thermofleece.

$51.56 $68.75 -25%

ROAR Waterproof gloves.

$30.00 $60.00 -50%

Water-resistant and windproof winter gloves.

$75.00 $125.00 -40%

$75.00 $125.00 -40%

$48.75 $81.25 -40%

Minimalistic mono color design. The MESH is made with ARTICO fabric on the front to give wind resistance and NET fabric on the back and sleeves to allow for maximum breathability. Triple back pocket and full length cam-lock zipper. A perfect solution for summer months featuring the world class Santini fit and comfort.

$48.75 $81.25 -40%

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