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The KILOMETRO CERO jersey is dedicate to Puerta del Sol, one of the most famous squares in Madrid's historic old town. The Santini-Designed jersey is mix of dark and light blue, and features a motif comprising a sequence of zero in red and yellow, the colors of the Spanish flag.

Bib-shorts with coloured mesh braces, GITevo chamois and grip at the bottom of the leg. Made with KILOMETRO CERO design, they're perfect to complete your look with the other garments of the special dedicated line.

KILOMETRO CERO design cotton cap. A perfect protection from the sun’s glare on hot days.

KILOMETRO CERO summer gloves. With shock proof padding, anti-slip and anti-abrasion palm. Breathable fabric inserts on the back.

KILOMETRO CERO socks. Light and breathable summer socks to complete your look inspired to the iconic champion. Extremely comfortable.

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