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From 1946 to 1951, the Giro D’Italia awarded a symbolic prize to the last man to finish the race. The legendary Maglia Nera (Black jersey) was a testament to the will and determination it took simply to compete in and finish a Grand Tour. Malabrocca took the prize in 1946 and 1947, the only two-time winner. He became known as the master of delay. Made in...

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MAGLIA NERA bib-shorts with black mesh braces, elastic and amazingly breathable, perfect to match all the other garments that are part of the line dedicated to the legendary symbol jersey of the last runner in the general ranking. Made in Italy.

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Maglia Nera cycling gloves are made with an anti-shock palm for comfort on the road, lightweight Lycra Sprinter fabric on the back of the hand for breathability, terry fabric on the thumb for wiping away whatever is bugging you, and a Velcro closure to keep everything in its place. Made in Italy.

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Maillot noir manches courtes en laine. Inspiré par l'histoire de la ‘Maglia Nera’, récompensant pendant des années le dernier coureur du Giro d'Italia (Tour d'Italie) franchissant la ligne d'arrivée. Dédicacé à ceux qui veulent prendre leur temps en contemplant les vignobles ou qui se laissent séduire par la nature et pour qui le chrono est secondaire,...

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Pull col roulé en laine inspiré par l'illustre ‘Maglia Nera’ du Giro d'Italie. Ouverture stylé sur l'épaule gauche qui révèle un design rose italien. Comprend aussi une double poche sur la poitrine pour compléter ce look vintage. Broderie "la maglia nera" sur la poche. Made in Italy.

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