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Calzoncini dedicati alla vittoria di Fausto Coppi nel Mondiale 1953 di Lugano. Disegnati con un elegante stampa dei colori iridati sulle bretelle.

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Bib shorts commemorating the 1953 world championships. Stylishly designed to match the Lugano jersey with rainbow stripes printed on the meshed braces. Extra breathability and comfort assured.

Calzoncini commemorativi del Mondiale su strada 1953. Perfetti da abbinare alla maglia Lugano dedicata a Fausto Coppi, sono disegnati con un elegante stampa dei colori iridati sulle bretelle, per garantirti comfort e massima traspirabilità.

Con grip tagliato al vivo a fondo gamba e fondello GIT evo, il fondello in twist gel per le lunghe distanze.

Made In Italy


Da (Paris, Francia) il 18 Nov. 2018


The fit is perfect and the padding ideal

Da (Leggiuno, Italia) il 14 Ago. 2018

Calzoncino Dama Bianca

Molto comodo anche dopo molte ore in sella

Da il 08 Giu. 2018

Great Bib

As with everything from Santini and their special edition Bibs this one fits as expected. It is soft to the touch, compresses in the right places and is loose where it needs to be. Great grip on the legs. Bib does not ride up. I never felt the seems on any of these Special edition shorts. I own all of the 2017 Giro Special edition Jerseys and Bibs and I own all the 2017 La Vuelta Bib and Jerseys. They never disappoint both on size and fit. you can buy the same thing over and over year after year, as long as you are getting from the same "Collection" you will have the expected fit and size. The design is astonishing. By the way all 3 Bibs look great and compliment their respective Jerseys. I own, the Green, the light blue and the Dark Blue. They all fit and feel the same. The padding is enough to be comfortable for at least 5-6h rides. I mostly ride 2-3 hours daily but occasionally do 5-6 hour rides.
I usually ride anywhere from 13-16 hours a week. That's around 180-220 miles (290-350km) weekly.
I'm 1.70 mts (5.7 ft) and weight 65 kg (143lbs) A good fit for me without the Bib being to tight or too loose is a size medium.