The winds of change blow strong for the 2017 Granfondo Stelvio Santini with newly-styled standings. Aside from the official overall time rankings (now published in alphabetical order), the organisers have also introduced a new ranking calculated by adding together each cyclist’s times from the three climbs (Teglio, Mortirolo and Stelvio). The winners of the three route categories also get to don the exclusive polka dot jersey! 

A Granfondo in the mountains is first and foremost a battle against gravity, one that must be fought (and often won) at every single ascent. Hillclimbs have always been a huge part of cycling, a sport in which they lend an epic quality to cyclists’ every gesture. This, in fact, is what inspired the organising committee of the Granfondo Stelvio Santini to rework the classifications for the 2017 edition in an effort to highlight the value of climbs and the time trials relating to them.

A choice of three routes for dyed-in-the-woolgrimpeurs
The 2017 Granfondo Stelvio Santini takes place on Sunday, June 11, when 3,500 enthusiasts will tackle the hairpins of the Stelvio, the legendary hillclimb that marks the final stage of this sixth edition of the event. The Granfondo Stelvio Santini has carved itself a leading role on the international marathon scene, thanks to its three fabulous routes. The 60-metre Short Route has an elevation change of 1,950 metres, while the Medium Route covers 138 kilometres witha 3,053-metre elevation change. The 151-kilometre Long Route takes cyclists over the gruelling Mortirolo Pass and challenges them with a massive 4,058-metre elevation change. All three routes share the same, now-traditional start-line at Bormio and finish atthe top of the majestic 2,758-metre Stelvio Pass.
These figures alone make it clear that this is the ideal battle ground for hillclimb lovers.

The new classifications
Regardless of which route entrants choose, the Granfondo Stelvio Santini remains a serious athletic challenge that requires major determination. In acknowledgment of this, the epic nature of the hillclimb aspect is being further underscored in the 2017 edition by the doubling of the final rankings.
The first – official – ranking will list the times clocked by each cyclist for each of the hillclimbs - Teglio, Mortirolo and Stelvio. Based on the route selected, their times will then added together. Thus, for the Short Route, only the Stelvio time trial will be used, while for the Medium Route, the times from the Teglio and Stelvio hillclimbs will be used. For Long Route contestants, the times from all three hillclimb time trials will be taken into account. The three rankings will feature both overall position and category position.

Polka dot jersey on the podium
For prize-giving purposes, only the hillclimb times (rather than finishing order) will be taken into consideration with prizes for the top three in each category (men’s and women’s). In addition to this, the winners of all categories for all three routes (men’s and women’s) will be presented with the coveted King of the Mountains polka dot jersey. Last but not least, another positive result of this new hillclimbtime-based ranking system will be improved safety for riders both coming into the climbs and on their descents: a sort of on-road “Enduro”!

Team prizes
But that is far from the end of the story. The organisers have also styled further standings to reward the three teams (excluding USBormiese which is organising the event) with the largest number of entrants (from 10 cyclists upwards) as well as the team with the largest number of cyclists to finish. There are also prizes for the youngest and oldest competitors,both men’s and women’s.

The “traditional” ranking
Flanking the aforementioned standings calculated on the basis of the various times, there will also be a “traditional” ranking for the three routes based on overall time elapsed from the start at Bormio to the finish-line at the top of the Stelvio Pass. However, this ranking will be published in alphabetical order.
All in all, the 2017 Granfondo Stelvio Santini programme has something for everyone and will add to the competitive spirit of the event as well as guaranteeing a superb day of sport and fun, as per the last five editions. A fantastic event that turns the lovely Valtellina into the world capital of amateur cycling for a day.