VEGA Xtreme

Our VEGA Extreme jacket is the armor you need to do battle with Old Man Winter. Built for freezing cold and wet winter rides, VEGA Xtreme is available at a special price for a limited time.


Successful Spring cycling depends on a solid base of winter training. When your motivation to ride under dark, wet and cold skies is low, you need special gear to go out on your bike. To help, we worked with harsh-climate fabric manufacturer Polartec to develop a new winter jacket called VEGA Xtreme.

Polartec’s motto is Impossible Made Possible. Guided by it, they make modern, technical fabrics that gives you the protection Mother Nature did not. Using their groundbreaking membrane and insulation technology, our VEGA Xtreme jacket protects you through the wet, cold and wind. Just like it protected team Trek-Segafredo when they faced freezing, torrential rain at the start of the 2018 Milan Sanremo. VEGA clothing allowed them not only to race, but to perform at their best. It is intended to do the same for you.


To create our perfect winter jacket, we used Polartec Windbloc® for the outer layer. “Windbloc® is a three-layer a membrane fabric,” says Monica Santini, daughter of founder Pietro Santini and Managing Director of Santini Cycling Wear. “It was the right solution (for an extreme-weather racing jacket) in terms of breathability, is a fabric that can keep a rider warm, and has a good DWR so rain doesn’t get through.”

We used Polartec Alpha® inside the collar. “Alpha was developed by Polartec with the US Military. It’s been used in extreme conditions, so we know it keeps you very warm and dry. And we felt that the collar was one area where you want to have special protection when it’s really, really cold.”


Together with one of their suppliers, Santini also developed a new fabric that fuses polyurethane with thermofleece. “We placed this special fabric where you need extreme water protection,” says Monica Santini. “At the bottom of the jacket and on the back pocket, for example, where all the dirt normally comes from the back wheel. And to create an anatomical seal at the sleeve cuffs.”

We also used this new fabric under the zipper. “Instead of working with a standard waterproof zipper, which is a good solution, but can be hard for a rider to work during a ride, we were able to use a normal reverse zipper then layer our new waterproof fabric internally to block the rain.”

A number of reflective details on the shoulders and the back of the jacket make you more visible on the road. A zippered, waterproof back pocket keeps your valuables safe and dry.


The VEGA Xtreme jacket is available now. Through September and October 2018, it is on offer for an introductory promotional price of 179 euro (rather than 230 euro standard retail price). US customers will pay only $225 instead (compared to the standard retail of $290).