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Short sleeve cotton piquest polo shirt. UCI design.Perfect for your spare time!

T-shirt UCI line in cotton-Lycra.With rainbow stripe on the chest.

UCI sweater, comfortable and warm.With rainbow inserts on inside of the cap and on the outside of the pockets.

Perfect for protecting you from the cold of winter, the UCI Winter Cap, warm and comfortable, is an accessory to never forget.With rainbow stripe and Santini logo on the front.

The one and only official UCI World Champion musette. Made from fine cotton with applied rainbow ribbon.

UCI Baby wool beanie, with rainbow stripe.Soft and warm. Size for children: 1/2 years.

UCI trucker cap. With breathable mesh on the back and cotton front with the Rainbow stripes.

Pile blanket for baby. UCI design.

T-shirt UCI line for kids.Made of cotton-lycra, with a stripe with the rainbow colors on the chest.

Technical short sleeve jersey for toddler.UCI World Champion design.

UCI world champion short sleeve jersey.The one and only,  signed by Santini.New design, unique across all disciplines.

Kids short sleeve jersey with UCI World Champion design.Made of technical Energy Microsense fabric. With short zip.

Short sleeve jersey,with UCI Masters World Champion design.Made of the same material and cut  of the UCI world champion jersey.

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